HYLLA - shelf

HYLLA-shelf is a modern shelf that is constructed with joints. For furniture, construction is an eternal topic. Joints are a common and effcient solution. But compared to the contemporary flat packaged design, most of the time, the joints of these furniture’s are solid, fixed, and hard to disassemble. This design is an attempt to discuss how to improve the joints to adapt to the modern home. The purpose of the joints are not initially for decoration, but the structure showcase in a visual and beautiful way how the shelf is constructed. The chosen materials are wood and aluminum. This constitutes in an interesting meeting between the smooth, cold, and hard aluminum surface and the wood’s tactile and rugged surface.

Designed by

Tiange Wang


Stine Sofie Fevang Skinlo

in Norwegian Presence:



The shelf has a modular design; it can be assembled with a single shelf or multiple shelves. The user can choose the quantity of the shelf according to their living space and colours according to their taste. A version of the aluminum shelve is designed with holes so that it can be suitable as a shoe shelf.

Modular design There are three different lengths of the shelf. With steel/aluminum platforms and wood pillars, the rack can be combined in different heights and widths or used as a standard unit. The platforms sheets are in a standard size. They can be designed into different shapes to fit into various functions.

The shelf is designed with circular economy scope. From the research, for the recycling process, it is a challenge to sort material with correct material types and categories. The combination of different materials brings trouble to the recycling system at the moment. At the same time, lacking material knowledge and lacking material information for each part of the product also brings a challenge for recycling process.

The shelf is constructed by joint with simple insert construction. The joints offer the ability to avoid using screws which would cause troubles during the recycling process, And at the same time, the joint can keep every single part with a single material. With very basic material and treatment information, every part of the product is easy for the user to manage the lifetime. 

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